A Daydream of the dissents

For countless years, I’ve almost forgotten, I’ve waken up as an adopted child Feeling no freedom in the “freest heaven”  The guilt was too heavy; the fool reviled   How long shall I be fed on other’s breast and set aside my mother tongue? How long shall I be helpless to my brothers’ arrest? No... Continue Reading →


Hi grandma

People said you’ll never see her again They were liar Rainbow and sprinkling water was where the journey began I could see and touch grandma Laura I released She flew, vanished Their incantation dispelled her off! Yet, at least I discovered the secret gateway to heaven   Written on 15.2.2017 Inspired by the following scene... Continue Reading →

The Balkans – a hidden gem of Europe

Here’re selected photographs taken during my 2-week trip to the Balkan Peninsula (July 2017). I can use three adjectives to summarise the whole trip: rewarding, gorgeous and passionate. (Scroll a little bit for amazing snapshots) Rewarding: The trip is like a summer intensive course on European History Before the trip, all I know about the... Continue Reading →



[Poetry Analysis] Postcard from Kashmir

“Home is where the heart is.” It is glaringly clear that the speaker’s (the poet's) heart belongs to Kashmir, his homeland as well as a region in South Asia that suffers from on-going territorial disputes among China, India and Pakistan. Postcard from Kashmir by Agha Shahid Ali Kashmir shrinks into my mailbox, my home a... Continue Reading →


Dear my future 18-year-old daughter, Happy birthday, my lovely daughter. You turn 18 today! I guess you’ve yearned for this day for long, right? Mama has something to tell you, something I wish I knew before turning 18. It is your first day of being an adult. Don’t you feel excited about it? Being an... Continue Reading →

一個月 (Love #4)


[Poetry Analysis] From the Republic of Conscience

Published on the Human Right Day of 1985, From the Republic of Conscience is written by the celebrated Irish poet Seamus Heaney (I love his works a lot!) to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Amnesty International, a leading global human right NGO. Through narrating the speaker’s journey in the virtual nation of conscience, Heaney challenges the racial barriers... Continue Reading →

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