[Lyrics Analysis] The Hill

The "Lamentations" for the tough one suffering from poverty



Dear my future 18-year-old daughter, Happy birthday, my lovely daughter. You turn 18 today! I guess you’ve yearned for this day for long, right? Mama has something to tell you, something I wish I knew before turning 18. It is your first day of being an adult. Don’t you feel excited about it? Being an … Continue reading 18



[Poetry Analysis] From the Republic of Conscience

Published on the Human Right Day of 1985, From the Republic of Conscience is written by the celebrated Irish poet Seamus Heaney (I love his works a lot!) to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Amnesty International, a leading global human right NGO. Through narrating the speaker’s journey in the virtual nation of conscience, Heaney challenges the racial barriers … Continue reading [Poetry Analysis] From the Republic of Conscience


I see miracles when I put off my glasses Golden trimming from the West Warm and not too glaring Book on my hands Becoming an invaluable piece of heritage from Mesopotamia Full of cuneiform script Puppy running around Is a fluffy wool ball White flashlight left fades in the blink of an eye Arrays of … Continue reading Myopia

What’s wrong with Private Tutoring in Hong Kong?

The end of 2016 DSE marks the beginning a 4-month-long summer holiday for many secondary school graduates. Many of my schoolmates are very eager to apply for a part-time job in tutorial centre as private tutoring has become an extremely lucrative business in my city. I have once considered following suit. However, after hearing my … Continue reading What’s wrong with Private Tutoring in Hong Kong?