What if

What if religion is opium, science is superstition, reason is religion, truths are lies, Earth is Hell? what if faith is fear; hope is idols; love is morphine? what if humans are slaves; animals are kings? what if relationship is fashion, romance is weed, marriage is prisons, children is devils, parents are murderers? what if capitalism... Continue Reading →

Lines on Liberty

Don't you know that who have no future are often those who are brave enough to change the world? I hate protests, but at the same time I love them for these demonstrations render me delusional hope and freedom that I can resist against our doomed fate. Liberty is indefinable. If you try to define... Continue Reading →

[Lyrics Analysis] Lauv – Modern Loneliness

This is an anthem for fellow depression/loneliness warriors in this modern age. The irony created by its uplifting melody and depressing lyrics perfectly captures the conflicting emotional struggle that everyone in the modern generation is experiencing on a daily basis. "[...] my favorite song i’ve ever made [...] the most important song of my career... Continue Reading →

[Lyrics Analysis] Billie Eilish – No Time to Die

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GB_S2qFh5lU [Verse 1]I should have knownI'd leave aloneJust goes to showThat the blood you bleed is just the blood you oweWe were a pairBut I saw you thereToo much to bearYou were my life, but life is far away from fairWas I stupid to love you?Was I reckless to help?Was it obvious to everybody else? Most lines in verse... Continue Reading →

28 Mars 1941

Par les aubes de printemps, je pleurerai constamment, Crier dans ma tête, cœur brisé en pièces: Ecrivant, j’échapperai ma sensation véhément. Je laisserai le vent emporter ma tristesse.Je ne souffrirai rien, galets sont pas diamants : Le regret infini hantera mon mari, Je dormirai profondément, éternellement, Dans la rivière, — libre, joyeuse comme une féerie.... Continue Reading →

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